Call and SMS Filter

Call and SMS Filter blocks unwanted calls and SMS messages including advertising messages, calls and messages from unknown and private numbers.

You can enable blocking or allowing filter.

Blocking filter blocks the added contacts or keywords. In addition, you can add masks to the blocking filter.

Allowing filter allows calls and SMS only from the added contacts.

By enabling one filter you disable another.

For filtering, you can select one of the standard lists or create your own.


SMS filter does not work in app versions from Google Play.

Filter may not work correctly on the devices with two SIM cards.

SMS filter may not work correctly due to system restrictions of Android. Blocked messages might appear in the SMS log.


In the central protection mode, some filter features and settings may be modified and blocked for compliance with your company security policy or according to the list of purchased services.


Once you enable Call and SMS Filter, it can request the following permissions:

Access your contacts.

Make and manage phone calls.

Send and view SMS messages.

Tap Allow in each window.

If you enable Call and SMS filter on devices with Android 9.0 or later, you will be prompted to set Dr.Web as a default phone app if:

You have downloaded Dr.Web from Google Play.

You use unlimited license.

The component does not work without required permissions.


If you use a Xiaomi phone with installed Security app, grant Dr.Web the permission to manage SMS messages in this app.

Default phone app

This setting allows Dr.Web to delete blocked calls from your call log.


After you set Dr.Web as a default phone app, your calls will still come through your built-in phone app.

To set Dr.Web as a default phone app

1.On the Configuring access window, tap Grant access. The Default apps screen of the device setting will open.

2.On the Default apps screen, tap Phone app.

3.On the Phone app screen, select Dr.Web.