On this page, you can configure protection of Dr.Web itself from unauthorized modification by malicious programs that target anti-viruses or from accidental damage.

Figure 25. Dr.Web self-protection parameters


The Enable self-protection (recommended) option allows to protect Dr.Web files and processes from unauthorized access. It is not recommended to disable Self-protection.


If any problems occur during operation of defragmentation programs, disable self-protection temporary.


To rollback to a system restore point, disable self-protection.

The Block user activity emulation option allows to prevent any changes in Dr.Web settings made by third-party software, including execution of scripts that emulate the mouse and the keyboard functioning in Dr.Web windows (for example, scripts to make changes in Dr.Web settings, license removal and other actions aimed at changing Dr.Web operation).

The Use hardware virtualization option allows to take full advantage of computer resources, which makes detection and curing of threats easier and enhances self-protection of Dr.Web. To enable this option, restart the computer.


Hardware virtualization works only if your computer’s hardware and operating system support hardware virtualization.

Enabling this option may cause a conflict with some third-party software.

If problems occur, disable this option.


32-bit platforms do not support hardware virtualization.

Date and time

Some malicious programs intentionally change system data and time. In this case virus databases are not updated as scheduled, license can be marked as expired, and protection components will be disabled.

The Block changing of system date and time option allows to prevent manual and automatic changes of the system date and time as well as of the time zone. This restriction is set for all system users. The option can improve performance of the time limit function implemented in Parental Control. If Internet or computer usage limits are set in Parental Control, this option is automatically enabled. You can configure notification parameters to be informed on an attempt to change the system time.