SpIDer Guard

SpIDer Guard is an on-access anti-virus scanner that constantly resides in memory and scans files and RAM on the fly instantly detecting any malicious activity.

With the default settings, the component performs on-access scans of files that are being created or changed on the hard drives and all files that are opened on removable media. Moreover, SpIDer Guard constantly monitors running processes for virus-like activity and, if such is detected, blocks malicious processes and reports on the event. On detection of an infected object, SpIDer Guardprocesses it according to the specified settings.

Files within archives and mailboxes are not scanned. If a file within an archive or email attachment is infected, the malicious object will be detected and neutralized by SpIDer Guard immediately after you try to extract the archived files or download the attachment. To prevent spread of viruses and other malicious objects via email, use SpIDer Mail.

On detection of an infected object, SpIDer Guard applies actions to it according to the specified settings. You can change settings to configure automatic reaction to different virus events.By default, SpIDer Guard loads automatically when Windows starts and cannot be unloaded during the current Windows session.