Thank you for purchasing Dr.Web for UNIX Mail Servers. It offers reliable protection of your server and its users from distribution of various types of computer threats using the most advanced virus detection and neutralization technologies.

This manual is intended to help administrators of the servers that run an OS of the GNU/Linux family or other UNIX-like operating systems, such as FreeBSD, to install and use Dr.Web for UNIX Mail Servers version 11.1.

Convention for File Paths

Dr.Web for UNIX Mail Servers is designed for different UNIX-based operating systems. Real paths to files and components depend on the operating system. The document uses the following conventions:

<opt_dir>—directory where main product files are located (including executable files and libraries).

<etc_dir>—directory where the configuration file and a key file are located.

<var_dir>—directory where supporting and temporary product files are located.

Real paths corresponding to the conventions in different operating systems are given in the table below.

OS Type


Real Path















For space considerations, examples use paths for GNU/Linux operating systems. In some places of the document, where it is possible, examples contain real paths for all of the operating systems.