Release Notes for Dr.Web for IBM Lotus Domino for Windows 12.0

Last updated on 7/22/2020

About Product

New Features and Capabilities

Resolved Issues and Enhancements

Installation Notes

Additional Information

About Product

Dr.Web for IBM Lotus Domino for Windows is an anti-virus plug-in protecting IBM Lotus Domino mail systems from viruses and spam. It helps you perform real-time or scheduled scans of email messages and documents received, sent or stored on the mail server and move infected objects to the Quarantine.

New Features and Capabilities

Dr.Web for IBM Lotus Domino for Windows version 12.0 is compatible with Dr.Web Enterprise Security Suite 12.0.

Resolved Issues and Enhancements

New Features and Improvements

oUpdated the list of system requirements.

Resolved issues

oFixed an issue related to mail being missed under certain conditions.

oFixed an issue of profile performance.

Installation Notes

Before you install Dr.Web for IBM Lotus Domino for Windows, note the following compatibility information:

1.Dr.Web for IBM Lotus Domino for Windows version 12.0 is only compatible with Dr.Web products of version 12.0, including Dr.Web Anti-virus for Windows Servers 12.0.

2.Dr.Web for IBM Lotus Domino for Windows is incompatible with other anti-virus software. Installation of multiple anti-virus software on the same computer may cause system errors and loss of important data. If you have another version of Dr.Web for IBM Lotus Domino for Windows or other anti-virus software installed on your computer, use the setup file or the standard tools in the operating system to remove it.

For installation of the new version it is necessary to uninstall the previous version. Make backup copies of databases of DrWeb folder if necessary, because settings and Quarantine database will be removed. To transfer settings to newer version, use configuration functions of import/export (see Configuration Export/Import chapter in Administrator Manual).

Hardware requirements



Processing Unit

Compatible with the i686 command system

Free RAM

512 MB or more

Disk space

750 MB or more. Temporary files created during installation require additional disk space.


VGA compatible. Recommended monitor resolution is no less than 1280 x 1024 supporting at least 256 colors.

OS and software requirements



Operating system

For 32-bit platforms:

Windows Server 2008,

Windows Server 2008 R2.

For 64-bit platforms:

Windows Server 2008,

Windows Server 2008 R2,

Windows Server 2012,

Windows Server 2012 R2,

Windows Server 2016,

Windows Server 2019.

File system


Additional software

1.Lotus software:

Lotus Domino for Windows version 8.5-9.0.1,

Lotus Notes for Windows version 7.0.2-9.0.1.

2.Web browsers suitable for the web interface:

Internet Explorer 8 or later,

Mozilla Firefox 3 or later,

Opera 9 or later.


Doctor Web, Ltd. does not guarantee operation of Dr.Web for IBM Lotus Domino for Windows on alpha, beta and other non-release versions of the IBM Lotus Domino server.

Additional Information

Technical Support

If you encounter any issues installing or using company products, before requesting for the assistance of the technical support, take advantage of the following options:

Download and review the latest manuals and guides at

Read the frequently asked questions at

Browse the Dr.Web official forum at

If you have not found solution for the problem, you can request direct assistance from Doctor Web company technical support by one of the following ways:

Fill in the web form in the corresponding section at

Call by phone in Moscow: +7 (495) 789-45-86.

Refer to the official website at for regional and international office information of Doctor Web company.

Legal Notes

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