Licensing Parameters

The license key file regulates the use of Dr.Web for IBM Lotus Domino.

Licensing Parameters

1.To view licensing parameters stated in the license key file, open the file using the text editor.

The license key file is protected from being edited. File editing makes it invalid. Do not save the file when you close the text editor to prevent the file from being compromised.

2.Check the following licensing parameters:



The [Key] group,
the Applications parameter

It determines the components that the license owner can use.

The DominoPlugin component must be listed to use the key file with Dr.Web for IBM Lotus Domino.

The [Key] group,
the Expires parameter

Determines the license key file expiration date (Year-Month-Day format is used).

The [User] group,
the Name parameter

Determines the license owner registration name.

The [User] group,
the Computers parameter

Determines the number of users protected by the plug-in.

3.Close the file without saving.