2. Integration of Dr.Web Enterprise Security Suite with Third-Party Software via the Web API


Integrating the Enterprise Security Suite with third-party software via the Web API provides the functions for operation of transactions with accounts and for automation of managing the service users. You can use Web API to create dynamic pages to receive requests from users and send them installation files.

Supported Versions

Version 4.3.0 is current actual Web API version.

XML API 1.x version is not supported anymore. Version 2.x and 3.x of Web API are outdated API versions  and it is not recommended to use these versions further.


The HTTP(S) protocol is used to interact with the Dr.Web Server. Web API accepts HTTP requests and replies with XML (by default) or JSON document.

Port 9080 is used for sending requests over HTTP, and port 9081 is used for sending requests over HTTPS. When sending a request, you can use any of these protocols. However, since HTTP requests are redirected to HTTPS by default, this manual contains examples of HTTPS requests.

To get access to the Web API, the Basic HTTP authentication is used (in compliance with RFC 2617 standard). Contrary to RFC 2617 and related standards, the Web-server does not request credentials (i.e.,Dr.Web Enterprise Security Suite administrator account name and its password) from the client.