Command-Line Scanning Mode

You can run Scanner in the command-line mode. This allows you to specify settings of the current scanning session and the list of objects for scanning as additional parameters.

The launching command syntax is as follows:

[<path_to_program>]dwscanner [<switches>] [<objects>]

Switches are command-line parameters that specify program settings. If no switches are defined, scanning is performed with the settings specified earlier (or with the default settings if you have not changed them). Switches begin with the forward slash (/) character and are separated by blanks as other command-line parameters.

The list of objects for scanning can be empty or contain several elements separated by spaces. If the path to objects is not specified, they are searched in the Dr.Web installation folder.

The most commonly used examples of specifying the objects for scanning are given below:

/FAST—performs an express scan of the system.

/FULL—performs a full scan of all hard and removable media (including boot sectors).

/LITE—performs a basic scan of random access memory and boot sectors of all disks as well as run a check for rootkits.