Notification Feed

In this window, the important notifications on the program operation events are listed. The notifications in this window duplicate some of the desktop notifications.

To access the Notification Feed from the program menu

1.Open Dr.Web menu Dr.Web icon.

2.Click Notification Feed button. Above the Notification Feed icon the number of saved notifications is displayed.

3.Window with the event notifications opens.

To access the Notification Feed window from Security Center

1.Open Dr.Web menu Dr.Web icon, then select Security Center.

2.At the top of the program window, click Notification Feed.

3.Window with the event notifications opens.

Figure 14. Notification Feed window

Notification retention period

The notifications are kept for two weeks. After the problem is resolved, the notification is also removed.

Notification types

Critical notifications


Threat is detected.

The reboot is required to neutralize the threats.

Virus databases are out of date.

Connection with the server

Connection with the server is prohibited.

Server connection error.

Blocked access to the objects and devices

Device is blocked according to settings.

Major notifications


The restart is required to complete the update.

Not important informative notifications

New version

New version is available.

New message

The administrator has sent a new message.

Display settings

The display settings of the notifications in the feed duplicate those of desktop notifications. To change the display settings so that certain notifications are not displayed in the feed, disable the correspondent check box in the Desktop column in the Notification parameters window. See also Notification settings section.