Dr.Web Firewall protects your computer from unauthorized access and prevents leak of vital data through networks. It monitors connection attempts and data transfer and helps you block unwanted or suspicious connections both on network and application levels.

Firewall provides you with the following features:

Control and filtration of all incoming and outgoing traffic

Access control on the application level

Filtration of packets on the network level

Fast selection of rule sets

Event logging

To enable or disable Firewall

1.Open Dr.Web menu Dr.Web icon, then select Security Center.

2.In the open window, click Files and Network tile.

3.Enable or disable Firewall by using the switcher .

Figure 42. Enabling/Disabling Firewall

In this section:

Configuring Firewall

Parameters for applications

Application rules

Configuring parameters for application rules

Parameters for networks

Packet filter

Set of rules for filtering packets

Filtering rules