Actions Applied to Threats

There are many methods of neutralizing computer threats. Products of Doctor Web company combine these methods for the most reliable protection of computers and networks using flexible user-friendly settings and a comprehensive approach to security assurance. The main actions for neutralizing malicious programs are:

1.Cure—an action applied to viruses, worms and Trojans. It implies deletion of malicious code from infected files or deletion of a malicious program’s functional copies as well as the recovery of affected objects (that is, return of the object’s structure and operability to the state which was before the infection) if it is possible.

2.Move to quarantine—an action when the malicious object is moved to a special folder and isolated from the rest of the system. This action is preferable in cases when curing is impossible and for all suspicious objects. We recommend that you send copies of such files to Doctor Web anti-virus laboratory.

3.Delete—the most effective action for neutralizing computer threats. It can be applied to any type of malicious objects. Note that deletion will sometimes be applied to certain files for which curing was selected. This will happen if the file contains only malicious code and no useful information. For example, curing of a computer worm implies deletion of all its functional copies.

4.Block—this action can also be used for neutralizing malicious programs. In this case, the copies of such programs are kept in the file system. All access attempts to or from the file are blocked.