Web Console Notifications

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Via the Control Center, you can view and manage administrator notifications which are received via the Web console method (sending of administrator notifications is displayed in the Notifications Configuration section).

To view and manage notifications

1.Select the Administration item in the main menu of the Control Center. In the opened window, select Web console notifications in the control menu. The list of notifications which were sent to the Web console will be opened.

2.To vie the notification, click corresponding row of the table. The window with notification texts will be opened. At this, notification will be automatically marked as read.

3.To manege notifications list, use the following elements:

a)General elements on the toolbar are used to manage notifications section in general. These tools are always available on the toolbar:





Display only notifications with the Maximal severity.


Display notifications with  severity from High to Maximal.


Display notifications with severity from Medium to Maximal.


Display notifications with severity from Low to Maximal.


Display all notifications with severity from Minimal to Maximal.



Display notifications related to events on stations


Display notifications related to events on Server

To view notifications that were received during specific time period, use one of the following ways:

Select from the drop-down list on the toolbar, one of the predefined time periods.

Select from the drop-down calendars arbitrary dates of beginning and ending of time period.

After editing these settings values, click Update to view notifications list according to the specified settings.

b)To manage separate notifications, set the flags next to the necessary notifications or the common flag in the table header to select all notifications from the list. At this, elements on the toolbar to manage selected notifications become available:

Delete notifications—delete all selected notifications without possibility of restore.

Mark notifications as read—mark all selected notifications as read.

c)Set the Store message without automatic deletion icon in the notifications list next to those notifications that should not be deleted after expiration of storage period (storage period is set before sending notification in the Notifications Configuration section in the Web console sending method settings). Such notifications are stored until you delete them manually in the Web console notifications section or clear the icon next to these notifications.