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Documentation of Dr.Web Enterprise Security Suite anti-virus network administrator is intended to introduce general features and provide detailed information on the organisation of the complex anti-virus protection of corporate computers using Dr.Web Enterprise Security Suite.

Documentation of Dr.Web Enterprise Security Suite anti-virus network administrator contains the following parts:

1.Installation Manual (the installation_manual folder)

2.Administrator Manual (the admin_manual folder)

Administrator Manual is meant for anti-virus network administrator—the employee of organisation who is responsible for the anti-virus protection of computers (workstations and servers) of this network

Anti-virus network administrator should either have a system administrator privileges or work closely with a local network administrator, be competent in anti-virus protection strategy and know in detailes Dr.Web anti-virus packages for all operating systems that are used in the network.

3.Appendices (the appendices folder)


Documentation contains cross-references between mentioned documents. If you download these documents to the local computer, cross-references work only if documents are located in the same folder and have their initial names.

Administrator documentation does not include the description of Dr.Web anti-virus packages for protected computers. For relevant information, please consult User Manuals of Dr.Web anti-virus solution for corresponding operating system.

Before reading these document make sure you have the latest version of the Manuals. The Manuals are constantly updated and the current version can always be found at the official website of Doctor Web at https://download.drweb.com/doc/?lng=en.