Dr.Web Anti-Theft Settings


Figure 17. Dr.Web Anti-theft settings


On the Anti-theft screen (see Figure 17), you can open its help—cards with SMS commands.

To view all commands, swipe commands to the right.

To open a detailed description or send a command, tap a card with the command.

My Buddies

Anti-theft Buddies list is a list of trusted phone numbers that can send SMS commands to lock, unlock or locate your device without specifying your account password in the message. You can add up to five phone numbers to the list. To view or edit the list, tap My Buddies:

To add contacts to the list, tap the add sign in the bottom right-hand corner. You can select numbers from the list of contacts, call or SMS log, or enter phone numbers and their details manually.

To edit contact details in the Buddies list, tap the contact.

Make necessary changes and tap Save.

To delete a contact from the list, swipe it to the left.

If you have accidentally deleted a wrong contact from your Buddies list, you can restore it by tapping Cancel.


The Buddies list must contain at least one phone number.

Trusted SIM cards

List of trusted SIM cards is a list of SIM cards you use on your device. By default, Anti-theft is configured to lock your device if it detects a SIM card that is not in the list of trusted. Even if your device is stolen, an attempt to use another SIM card will lock your device and will make it impossible to use. If you change your SIM-card to the other trusted SIM card, Anti-theft will not lock your device.

If you use two SIM cards on a device with Android 5.1 or later, both SIM cards are added to the list of trusted automatically. If you use Android 5.0 or earlier, you can add only one SIM card to the list (you cannot add both SIM cards at the same time).

SIM cards can be added to the list of trusted when you reboot your device or launch Dr.Web.

Tap Trusted SIM cards to open or edit the list:

To rename a SIM card, tap it. On the SIM card details screen, enter a new name into the Name field and tap Save.

To remove a SIM card from the list of trusted, swipe left.


You cannot remove a SIM card that is currently used on your device.

Lock after restart

This option is disabled by default.

Enable this option to force Dr.Web Anti-theft to lock your device after every reboot. To unlock your device you will be prompted to enter your Dr.Web account password. Your device will stay locked until you enter your password.

Lock if SIM card is changed

This option is enabled by default.

When this option is on, Dr.Web Anti-theft will lock your device as soon as it detects a SIM card that is not in the list of trusted. To unlock your device, you will be prompted to enter your Dr.Web account password. You device will stay locked until you enter the password.

Inform Buddies if SIM card is replaced

This option is disabled by default.

Enable this option to make Dr.Web Anti-theft send SMS messages to your Buddies when a new SIM card which is not in the list of trusted is detected on your device. Dr.Web Anti-theft also identifies a phone number linked to the SIM card.

Anti-theft resends SMS messages to your Buddies at every reboot of the device with the changed SIM card. Anti-theft can send a maximum of five such SMS broadcasts a day.

Remove data

This option is disabled by default.

If your device is stolen and locked, a stranger can try to unlock it by direct password search. In order to protect your data, enable the Remove data option.

After 10 failed attempts to enter the password on a locked device:

If Dr.Web is activated as a device administrator, Dr.Web will trigger a hard reset. This uninstalls all your applications and deletes your personal data, photos and videos, messages and contacts. Information on your SD card is also deleted. Note that restoring default settings also uninstalls Dr.Web from your device.

If Dr.Web is not activated as a device administrator, your personal data will be deleted, Dr.Web will not be uninstalled and will continue to lock your device.

Text on the lock screen

Here you can change text that will be displayed on the locked screen of your lost or stolen device. For example, your can specify your another phone number or your email address to contact you.

Tap Text on the lock screen, edit the text and then tap Save.

No SIM mode

This mode gets enabled when a SIM card is missing on your device or when your device configuration blocks access to SIM card information for installed applications. This refers to devices that feature a SIM card slot.

Once Dr.Web Anti-theft detects that it has no access to SIM card information, you are prompted to enter Dr.Web account password. Notification bar also shows a notification that a SIM card is not found. Enter your Dr.Web account password to make this mode trusted. Sending SMS commands will be impossible, however other Anti-theft functions will be available.